Cutter teeth

Magotteaux develops and manufactures cutter teeth in high wear resistance cast alloys (including composites) capable to resist the highly abrasive seabed material. Cutter teeth help loosen the seabed material in construction/land reclamation activities in geological areas consisting of hard surface materials (like gravel or rock). The special dredge used in these applications is a cutter-suction dredger, the suction tube of which is equipped with a cutter head fitted with cutter teeth at the suction inlet.

The dredged material is then sucked up by a wear-resistant centrifugal pump and discharged either through a pipe line or to a barge. In recent years, dredgers with more powerful cutters have been built and Magotteaux has developed increasingly resistant cutter teeth in order to excavate harder rock without the need for blasting.

Magotteaux has developed a unique teeth design and manufactures it in its unique Xcc® composite material.

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Name: Cutter teeth.

Industry: Dredging – excavation, land reclamation,…

Equipment: Cutter sution dredgers.

Tech Specs:

  • A unique male teeth design and easy locking system.
  • A unique alloy, Xcc® in which a composite insert is placed to reinforce the working tip of the tooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Design: self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production.
  • Xcc®: increased lifetime (x 3) -> decreased frequency and duration of maintenance stops, increased cum dredged per day..