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Name: Xcc® Hammers.


  • Cement industry (primary, secondary and clinker crushers).
  • Utilities (coal crushers).
  • Waste (domestic waste crushers).
  • Recycling industry (white goods crushers).

Tech Specs:
Xcc® is a Metal Matrix Composite wear solution consisting of high hardness inserts integrated in the castings’ working surface.
Xcc® optimally combines hard working surface with good mechanical properties of the shaft.

The main parameters driving performance are:

  • Flexibility given by the possibility of locating the hard inserts in the high wear zone (customised solution for the user).
  • Combining excellent wear resistance (high hardness inserts) with very good mechanical properties of the base metal.
  • Solution fitting mono and bi-directional crushers.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintenance cost reduction thanks to increased lifetime, less intervention and less preparation work.
  • Better predictability allowing to plan interventions at favourable times.
  • Increased production thanks to increased lifetime and better crusher performance due to keeping the original hammer profile longer.
  • Power saving and increased production on the Tube Mills and improvement of the cement quality since they are fed with a finer and more consistent clinker.
  • Improved safety thanks to less handling.
  • Inventory costs savings.
  • Insensitivity to red river in clinker crushers.