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Martensitic steel + Recyx®

Product ID Card

Name: Recyx®.

Industry: Recycling industry – strong working conditions.

Hardness: 55 – 56 HRc.

Tech Specs:
Recyx® has been developed with 2 requirements:

  • Increase lifetime of blow bars while keeping wear profile until end of life.
  • Keep same safety as Xwin® Martensitic steel.

Key Benefits:

  • High lifetime, + 40-60 % against Xwin® Martensitic steel.
  • Reduced cost per ton.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Improved crusher productivity.

Graph right (For full size view, click on related document below)
Dotted green line: Recyx with Carbon as to reach toughness > 100 J/cm2 while increasing lifetime.
Red line: competition increases Carbon percentage hence reducing toughness below 50 J/cm2.