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Crushing activities involved in mining, quarrying or recycling are carried out by impactors, either Vertical Shaft Impactors (VSI) or Horizontal Shaft Impactors (HSI). In the particular case of a horizontal shaft impactor, the central piece of the machine is the rotor. It can be fitted either with four lines of x hammers or with four blowbars positioned in a star.

When turning, the rotors will rotate the hammers or blowbars at a certain speed in order to break the rocks fed in through the top. According to the machine type, Magotteaux develops different designs and manufactures different alloys of blow-bars (and hammers of course).

The target is to find the design that will best break the feed stone (into an end product as per the established criteria of shape, size,…) and the alloy that will best resist wear and shocks in order to keep the blowbar’s original profile constant and hence guarantee the best performance in terms of quantity (tons crushed per day) and quality (requested cubicity, granulometry, …).

Our solutions are as follows:


  • Xwin® Martensitic steel
  • Recyx®
  • Monometallic solution

Gravel pit:

  • Xwin® white iron
  • neoX® white iron
  • Monometallic solution
    Depending on the material properties


  • Xwin® white iron
  • Monometallic solution
  • Xwin Martensitic steel in primary applications

Martensitic steel + Xwin®

- Recycling - standard applications
- Quarry - primary applications

White iron + Xwin®

- Gravel pit - low to middle applications
- Quarry - secondary applications

Martensitic steel + Recyx®

- Recycling - extreme applications

White iron + neoX®

- Gravel pit - highabrasion

White iron monometal

- Gravel pit

Monometal solution

- Quarry