The Magotteaux Mill® is a laboratory mill designed to reproduce the pulp chemical conditions of the plant grinding mill in the laboratory. It allows the user to investigate the impact of grinding chemistry on their metallurgical process.

The product generated in the laboratory that has nominally the same physical properties (particle size distribution) and pulp chemical properties (Eh, pH, dissolved oxygen, oxygen demand and EDTA extractable iron) as an equivalent sample taken from the plant. This signifies a distinct advantage in testing as the results produced in the laboratory are now more representative of those that would be observed in a plant.

Name: MagotteauxMill®.

Industry: Mining.

The Magotteaux Mill® can be used for a variety of test work, and may be used:

  • To investigate the effect of grinding environment (for example Eh) on collector adsorption and subsequent flotation response.
  • As the basis for ore characterisation studies, where the mill is used to prepare the surfaces of the minerals in a standard way for different ore types.
  • For reagent testing, screening and development.
  • To investigate mineral dissolution/oxidation under different chemical environments.

Key Capabilities:

  • Varying the rotational speed of the mill.
  • Controlling the temperature.
  • Controlling the pulp chemistry during grinding.
  • Injecting gases and reagents.
  • Continuously monitoring the chemistry of the system during grinding.

This unique capability of being able to measure and monitor the pulp chemical conditions during grinding is the key to understanding and improving the impact of particle preparation on flotation performance.