Magotteaux flotation cell

The Magotteaux flotation cell is a laboratory based flotation machine. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • The bottom driven agitator allows the operator to remove froth from the entire surface of the flotation cell. This minimizes operator error and maximizes test reproducibility.
  • The pulp chemistry can be monitored all along the test as the probes remain in the pulp.
    This allows the operator to check on the pulp chemistry any time.
  • The Magotteaux flotation cell works in conjunction with another device, namely the MagotteauxMill® to produce in the laboratory results that can be reproduced later on in the plant.

Name: Magotteaux flotation cell.

Industry: Mining.

Key Benefits:

  • The agitator is bottom driven, which allows the operator to remove froth from the entire surface area of the float cell. In addition to being easier to use, this feature also removes some of the problem of operator error, meaning tests are more reproducible.
  • Probes remain in the pulp the entire time, allowing the user to continuously monitor pulp chemistry, and add chemicals at any stage.

This unique capability of being able to measure and monitor the pulp chemical conditions during grinding is the key to understanding and improving the impact of particle preparation on flotation performance.