Pulp Chemistry Monitor (PCM®): forging a better future through chemistry

The Pulp Chemistry Monitor (PCM®) is an instrument that measures key pulp chemical parameters (pH, Eh, dissolved oxygen, temperature and oxygen demand) on-line and in real time.

Data can be used to improve the stability of the process and thereby increase mineral recoveries.


The data combined with other measurements taken in a flotation plant can be used to:

  • improve the control of reagent additions
  • achieve better stability in the plant
  • improve the metallurgical performance.

PCM® capabilities arise from a combination of a fully integrated communication and high-level control functions. They were designed by Manta Controls utilizing Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform. And of course the classical metallurgical knowhow provided by Magotteaux.

The PCM® is exported globally for integration into a range of mineral processing facilities to aid productivity and increase profitability.

PCM®: introducing a new level of process optimization for improved metallurgical performance!

Winner of the “Minerals Processing of the Year Award”.

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