Grinding circuit optimization tools

A crushing or grinding installation or circuit needs to be monitored on a regular basis and optimized accordingly in order to insure “best” production (in terms of both quantity and quality) at a “reasonable” cost. This means that a grinding circuit audit is regularly performed to identify defects or flaws which can originate in the installation itself (i.e. the machines and their internal equipment) or in the operating parameters of the machines included in the circuit.

A grinding circuit optimization is then carried out to optimize the machines themselves (e.g. a different design for the internals) or the way they work (e.g. their load or speed). Following a grinding circuit audit and with a view to the grinding circuit optimization, Magotteaux designed several optimization tools. Among these are filling sensors to monitor on-line the filling degree of a mill in a mining installation or a classifier to separate the cement particles coming out of a finishing in a cement works

Our approach is always the same, whatever our customer’s industry.

The target is always twofold:

  • Optimized mill/crusher performance (maximized process performance and minimized cts/tons milled/ground).
  • Eased ball/casting management (wear follow up, inventories,…).

Though Magotteaux is no Original Equipment Manufacturer, the Group designs and manufactures several machines for specific industries, always with a view to better answering customer needs and optimize their production processes.