Winner of the “Minerals Processing of the Year” award

Prospect Awards 2016

Magotteaux is the winner of the “Minerals Processing of the Year” award with its Pulp Chemistry Monitor.

Celebrating the best of mining in Australia, the 13th annual Prospect Awards took place this year in Sydney. The awards recognise the achievements of individuals and companies in the sector across a range of criteria including Excellence in Mine Safety, Contribution to Mining, and Australian Mine of the Year.

The pulp chemistry monitor (PCM®) is an instrument that measured key pulp chemical parameters (pH, Eh, dissolved oxygen, temperature and oxygen demand) on-line and in real time. These data when combined with other measurements taken in a flotation plant can be used to improve the control of reagent additions which should make it possible to achieve better stability in the plant.  With better stability and better reagent utilisation the metallurgical performance should improve.

Magotteaux technology forging a better future through chemistry

In its simplest form mining is about digging the ore out of the ground and separating the minerals of value from the waste to make money.  And, the most common separation process used to achieve this is flotation.  Now flotation is basically a chemical process that relies on making the minerals you want to recover stick to bubbles and be recovered into a concentrate.  The efficiency of this separation actually relies heavily on getting the chemistry right.

However, when operating a plant the chemistry is often overlooked as it is difficult to measure and interpret.  To address this, Magotteaux worked with Manta Controls to develop the Pulp Chemistry Monitor (PCM®), which measures the pulp chemistry of critical process streams in real time, introducing an new level of process optimised for improved metallurgical performance.  PCM® capabilities arise from a combination of a fully integrated communication and high-level control functions designed by Manta Controls utilising Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform, and classical metallurgical know how provided by Magotteaux.

Manufactured in Adelaide, the PCM® is exported globally for integration into a range of mineral processing facilities to aid productivity and increase profitability.