Installation of 2 new XP4®i’s at the Oman Cement Company (OCC) plant

The installation of two new XP4®i classifiers replacing the previous old ones in only 2 months, proving the extreme simplicity and ease to install the XP4®i.

Follow on this page all important phases of the installation process of these 2 new XP4®i classifiers at the Oman Cement Company (OCC) plant in Oman.

  1. Double cement line revamping project
  2. Engineering, manufacturing & delivery
  3. Pre-assembly
  4. Shut down & replacement of 1st generation classifiers


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Double cement line revamping project


The discussion process over the revamping of 2 first cement grinding lines @ Oman Cement Company gave Magotteaux the opportunity to offer the ultimate XP4®i classifier. This fully integrated version (cyclone & fan inside) is perfectly adapted to replace 1st generation classifiers in a very short time!

The contract of~ 4.1 M€ excl. tube mills internals was the starting point of an impressive industrial revamping story!

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

The objectives for Oman Cement Company (OCC) with this double cement line revamping were:
• to increase cement production (currently 3200 Blaine cement), maintaining the same Blaine value and reducing the energy consumption
• to solve their vibration issue. The 2 worn out  first generation classifiers caused indeed a high level of vibration to their unsuitable/damaged steel structure.

Magotteaux took the lead & coordination of the OCC project, chose the Spanish partner Cemengal to manage EPC proposal & projects and a local company, UMECCO (United Middle East Construction Company LLC) to provide the required manpower, tools and handling cranes.

The strong & structured Magotteaux-Cemengal partnership allowed all competences to be available at once (engineering, process expertise, required machines as classifiers, conveying & additional filtering equipment, professional project management…).

What is the XP4®i? > just click here

Engineering, manufacturing & delivery


Starting from existing drawings (paper format), a new 3D drawing was created. During a visit, the prepared drawings were verified against the real situation on-site.

Additionally, a static & dynamic calculation, taking into account the modifications due to new equipment positioning and their impact on the structure, modification of platforms, walkways… was realized.

Classifiers, steel structure reinforcement & extensions, cladding, airslides pack, bucket elevator extensions, dedusting filters, flow meters… Everything was designed and manufactured in a record 6 months timeframe!

8 containers were shipped from Belgium and 14 from Spain to Sohar (Sultanate of Oman) along with a full documentation set.
Everything was ready for the preparation phase on site!

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Immediately after the inspection of the deliveries, the site preparation started. The two XP4®i -90 were assembled on the ground in no more than 7 days!


Other preparation tasks were also completed before the mills were scheduled for the final shutdown:
• Reinforcement of the lower level of the steel structure
• Preassembly of new footbridge sections
• Additional dedusting filter pre assembly
• Roof dismantling + steel structure cleaning (by OCC)
• Cable trays installation…

What is the XP4®i? > just click here

Shut down & replacement of 1st generation classifiers

Once the access was cleared, only 3 days were required to remove the 2 old classifiers and install the 2 new XP4®i !


We are grateful to Oman Cement Company (OCC) for giving us the opportunity to share this story with you!

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